Top 10 Moth Trap Carpet UK – Moth Protection

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1. Ambush Pro


Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. Toxin-Free, Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths. 7 Pack.

Ambush Pro #ad - Protects your home or business from the rising problem of carpet and clothes moths. These are the case bearing Tinea pellionella and Common Clothes/Webbing Tineola bisselliella moths. Our research has shown attempting to attract further species, such as Pantry moths reduces the effectiveness of the traps.

Easy to use, compact and discreet with large trapping area: designed so they can be located anywhere where moth damage could potentially occur. Carpet moths like being hidden in dark corners and under furniture, particularly along skirting boards, while you can also place these in wardrobes looped over hangers or on shelves and in drawers to protect against clothes moths. Highly effective pheromone lure: our traps attract the 2 species of moth that cause the most damage to homes and businesses.

Traps moths to prevent breeding cycles: using female moth pheromones that are integrated into a glue board, male moths are attracted and then caught on the traps, preventing breeding cycles. Family and pet safe: ambush pro traps are pesticide free, non-toxic and odourless meaning that you can place these anywhere around your property with total peace of mind. This protects your expensive carpets/clothing and helps to give them the longest possible lifespan.
BrandAmbush Pro #ad
ManufacturerSevern View Solutions #ad

2. Caraselle


Caraselle Acana Carpet Moth Trap from, n.a

Caraselle #ad - Each sticky board has a timestrip Visual End of Life Inidicator - Lasts 8 weeks. Designed to act as a 'First Alert' to Carpet Moths and Beetles. Monitors the level of Carpet Moth Infestation in the room. Easy to use and discreet. Fits under sofas, and neatly against skirting boards.
BrandCaraselle #ad
ManufacturerCaraselle #ad
Part Number6072

3. Theo's Home Care


London Moth 10 x Pheromone Moth killers for your Home | 7 x Clothes and Carpet Sticky Moth Traps and 3 x Pantry Moth Traps | Anti Moth Treatments for your Wardrobes. Plus Moth Protection eBook.

Theo's Home Care #ad - Each moth killer works for up to 3 months and are foil sealed to ensure long lasting traps that will not expire before use. You will also receive via e-mail a Moth Busting eBook. Used by professionals, carpets and the beloved fibres in your closets against damage from marauding larvae.

The pantry moth traps attract and eliminate the Indian Meal Moth to protect your food stores. Easy set up. The powerful pheromones will attract all known uk house moths. Crucially less damaging than Moth Spray, our sticky clothes and carpet moth traps helps to protect your rugs, Moth Balls and deterrent powder. Complete cost effective moth protection for your home and business. Please note * the 3 pantry moth traps will be included in the same box as the 7 clothes moth traps.

Chock full of handy, professional tips to eliminate the scourge of Moths from your home forever! Unequaled in potency. Non-toxic, odourless and totally SAFE around inquisitive pets and children. Including the common clothes moth and the case Making Carpet Moth. Peel to reveal the glue, fold it into a triangle shape and you are ready to go! The pack contains 7 clothes moth traps and 3 pantry moth traps. Honestly guys, it could not be easier and so much less fiddly than the long rectangular traps.
BrandTheo's Home Care #ad
ManufacturerTheo's Home Care #ad
Height1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Length14 cm (5.51 Inches)
Width12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Part Number3B-35Y9-ZMFN

4. Caraselle


Caraselle Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from

Caraselle #ad - Each sticky board has a timestrip Visual End of Life Inidicator - Lasts 8 weeks. Monitors the level of Carpet Moth Infestation in the room. Refill pack for Acana Carpet Moth Monitoring Trap. Fits under sofas, and neatly against skirting boards. Easy to use and discreet.
BrandCaraselle #ad
ManufacturerCaraselle #ad
Part Number6073

5. Entopest


Entopest 10 x Common Clothes Moth Traps & 10 Pheromone Glue Boards

Entopest #ad - Includes a pack of 10 Tineola pheromone sticky boards per kit. Safe, slim design - Allows moth Pheromone to escape trap easily. Entopest moth trap holders are manufactured in the UK. Moth pheromone pads designed to last for upto 12 weeks before replacement required. Pheromone attracts the male Common Clothes / Webbing Moth Tineola bisselliella.
BrandEntopest #ad
ManufacturerFort Products Limited #ad
Height2.54 cm (1 Inches)
Length2.54 cm (1 Inches)
Width2.54 cm (1 Inches)
Part NumberCCMKIT4C
ModelFruit Traps

6. Nonny Beach Ltd


Odour-Free, CARPETS, WARDROBES & DRAWERS. Irresistible sticky pheromone glue board attracts and kills CLOTHES and CARPET MOTHS | Non-Toxic, Moth Traps 4 Pack for CLOTHES, Safe for Children & Pets

Nonny Beach Ltd #ad - Wherever you have a moth problem, and are also designed to be placed flat in your clothes drawers, these traps are your No1. This will aid in the reduction of the larvae that damage your clothes and carpets and should be an integral part of your overall pest control strategy.

1 year moth protection - each box contains 4 individual clothes moth TRAPS, each lasting for at least 3 months. We want you to be delighted with your Nonny Beach Moth Traps, and so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Choice! Target & kill clothes/carpet moths with infused professional grade pheromone super sticky glue traps making them irresistible to Male Moths & removing them from the reproductive cycle.

Deadly for moths - safe for the environment, pets & children - our moth traps are natural / Eco-Friendly / Non-Toxic / Insecticide Free / Odourless / Reusable / Recyclable.100% guarantee. Each trap is individually foil-sealed ensuring maximum effectiveness until you need to use them. Versatile - each of our moth traps have an optional hook if you want to hang them in your wardrobe, or an area you need to protect, or against the skirting boards for carpets.
BrandNonny Beach Ltd #ad
ManufacturerNonny Beach Ltd #ad

7. PestOut


Home Anti Moth Treatment, Eco-Friendly Sticky Cloth Moths Trap, MothOut 10 Pheromone Clothes Moth Traps and Carpet Moth Killers + Lavender Moth Repellent for Wardrobe Protection + 10 Lighting Plates

PestOut #ad - Highest class attractant to lure and trap moths. This is a killer product, we guarantee a 100% refund. Our traps can be used anywhere: stretched flat under furniture where carpet moths love to hide, shaped in a triangle around the house or inside the drawers or wardrobes in standing or hanging position, it's making unbeatable moths prevention.

Mothout kit is protecting clothes in wardrobes or drawers also rugs and carpets, only to find out that our favourite wool jumper, dress or trousers are damaged. Unhappy#@!com. Supported by the lavender shield and optional lighting plates, fold and tuck forming the pyramid shape, and you are ready to go. Our clothes moth traps work actively for 12 weeks 24/7 to prevent this kind of expensive, fabric furniture, curtains or even loft insulation. Remove the trap from protective seal, thanks to included optional hooks.

Most optimal anti moth solution - this set of 10 powerful, fragrance-free traps is all you need to free your home from moths. Where the other insecticide products like naphthalene moth balls, chemical poisons, biodegradable paper packaging won't harm nature, ECO-FRIENDLY, and won't have a negative impact on future generations. Easy to use in multiple ways - ready in seconds. Just contact us for professional and friendly support. Each trap is foil sealed to guarantee effectiveness and once opened works for up to 3 months.
BrandPestOut #ad
ManufacturerPestOut #ad
Height5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Length14.8 cm (5.83 Inches)
Width12 cm (4.72 Inches)

8. Manchester Mothmen


Manchester Mothmen Moth Killer | 5 Professional Clothes Moth Trap | Moth Repellent For Wardrobes | Carpet Moth Treatment | Anti Moth Product | Paper Pheromone Traps For Wardrobe | Carpet Beetle Killer

Manchester Mothmen #ad - Maximum efficiency - proven to be far more effective than moth spray, our traps won't reek up your cupboards, cedarwood or moth Balls! Odourless - unlike mothballs, Wardrobes or Drawers! Pet & 100% Recyclable! Hanging pyramid design - this shape Maximises The Trap's Surface Area & child safe - highest strength Pheromone But Completely Non-Toxic & Ensures Easy Set Up! Five per pack - most economical option. No faffing about with nasty Refills: Just Bin & Re-Order! .
BrandManchester Mothmen #ad
ManufacturerManchester Mothmen #ad
Part Number.

9. Acana


500 ml, Acana Carpet and Fabric Moth Killer with Lavender Freshener Spray

Acana #ad - One 500ml spray Bottle will cover 25sq metres. Suitable for Carpet Curtains & Upholstery etc. Kills moths Eggs & Larvae. Carpet & fabric Moth Killer Spray. Will not Stain.
BrandAcana #ad
ManufacturerAcana #ad
Height9.5 cm (3.74 Inches)
Length23.5 cm (9.25 Inches)
Width9 cm (3.54 Inches)
Part Number2923-1

10. Trapro


Faicuk Clothes Moth Traps Pheromone Moth Traps Sticky Moth Killer for Clothes and Carpet Moth 6 Pack

Trapro #ad - Captures the male by releasing a natural pheromone attractant, which leads to the female will not be fertilized and no further eggs will be laid. Safe and odourless to humans, but irresistible to the male clothes and carpet moth. Pheromone attractant mixed evenly in the glue board, don't need any old-fashion wafer of pill. To protect your clothing and furnishing from costly moth damage. Professional and special shape design, ideal to hang in wardrobes or use under furniture.
BrandTrapro #ad
ManufacturerTrapro #ad
Part Number.